there is just one world and you are a part of it…….

Don’t be fooled into believing that you are the world to someone. Beware, its a trap that will rob you off your right to be you as you- feel, learn, explore, practically everything as all you do or say will get tempered with what needs to be done or said.



let no one ever call you their world
the center of their universe
in doing so, they become the traveler
– nomadic, free to explore
while you become a cornerstone
an entity, some touch base
– immovable, static
you sit there, waiting
lest they be disappointed
while they play the field
and bring stories to you
you are made to sit around
and bask in life they bring to you
not something that you know
one on one
but how it is made out for you
for you let them decide
when it came to matters about you
they became your eyes
for the world outside of you
for how can you get to see another
when you are a world yourself
a self effacing universe
so, break the shackles,
the binds and shrug off the words
that make you grow roots
find yourself a place
and let the world grow into you
there are no parallel realms
there is just one
don’t forsake your chances
while you still have one







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