remember, you’re earth too….

So take care of what you decide to give roots to on your soil. Make sure the weeds don’t thwart your space and stop life from growing.




when you see Earth
do you notice
you’re earth too
your soil nurtures many life forms
those that bind you to people,
into relationships
the ones based on faith,
giving strength to  keep going
of words and deeds,
both good and bad
of pains and aches
concerns of culture and creed
so make sure about what you let grow
uproot all weeds before they overgrow
as anxiety, fear, hate or gloom
threatening to take over
and knot over life’s loom
give yourself the pat, the heads up
if you made it through yesterday
today, is no hard nut
just make sure you clear your spaces
let enough of sunshine in
and life’s graces
if there are those who make you feel inadequate
quick, loose them
and resurrect your days
close all doors- virtual and real
unfollow, block
and that without trepidation or fear
on the soil of your life
you are the tender, the farmer
you get to choose what you want to grow,
weed out and clear.




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