find ways to spend time in your own company….

Many times all the de- stressing you need is that little pep talk to yourself or that small effort to just step away, even if for just the shortest of times from work that seems never ending, find ways to make days interesting, find ways to make work, happy and not an onerous chore.





and its the one great favor
you will do yourself
as you walk and let thoughts flow
remain a boho soul
keep the wanderlust alive
so what if the miles don’t come to you
let your mind wander
and do them for you
find ways and its easy
that little break from work
over a steaming cup of tea,
the small detour from usual,
a happy chat or some enticing title
i know it’s easier said than done
but if you don’t try it,
its denying yourself the fun
make time to look up always
don’t rue the time others get and you don’t
or places they go to, while you get drubbed
everything comes to you at the right time
wait out, your turn will come
and when it does, all days of work
and all the drubs
will seem worth the while
so keep smiling through it all
cause won’t you like to remember
how you faced it
chin up and with that attitude which said
” Is that all you got?”



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