there is truth in how you feel is what you attract…

watch that thought

before it turns dark

and keep that hope

from crashing with every dawn

that faint hope

fuel it till it gets stronger

the little smile,

pump it up with some more cheer

feeling dull, out of sorts

look for mirth, something to laugh on

is your sight weary, looking for a sign?

believe, it’s happening

and give it a new life

yeah, its easy to say and all that

but then, it’s about revisions

of what you knew

but lost somewhere along the way

there is truth

about energy not lying to you

if it makes you restless

it’s time to stay tuned

to those that match up to your own

the ones that lift

and own you like one of their own


of love and betrayals…..

 How about loving yourself, first? It may sound simple but when it comes to doing it, you realize it is one of the toughest things to do.

and more often than not
it is you who has lost
in the game of love and betrayal
each time you gave in,
every time you gave up,
each time you surrendered
every time you bowed
to people, words, circumstances
you betrayed ‘you’
cause you deserved what you denied to yourself
and what you thought will be called love
actually fell flat on its face
for like everything else
love begins with you
if you love yourself
is when you are able to give it too
so don’t betray yourself
led by beliefs and things people say
be in love with yourself
insanely and deeply
and see then
how self acceptance 
stops you from betraying the truest version of you

look for the signs that tell you the changes in you…

Life is about embracing changes and then again, if the changes slow you down, it is time to do some realignments and resets. Get a move on and go live life. Continue reading look for the signs that tell you the changes in you…

i am trying to stay idle….

It is not as simple as it sounds- this, trying to stay idle. If you are able to convince yourself that its just what you need, be warned, that’s not how the rest of the human creed feels. You will be a subject of much curiosity and questioning. Many times, you will run the risk of being called foolish, reckless or emotional. So, be ready for the slander because what you do with yourself, is strangely everyone else’s business to know. Get your guards up and do what you want.

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find ways to spend time in your own company….

Many times all the de- stressing you need is that little pep talk to yourself or that small effort to just step away, even if for just the shortest of times from work that seems never ending, find ways to make days interesting, find ways to make work, happy and not an onerous chore.


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