there is truth in how you feel is what you attract…

watch that thought

before it turns dark

and keep that hope

from crashing with every dawn

that faint hope

fuel it till it gets stronger

the little smile,

pump it up with some more cheer

feeling dull, out of sorts

look for mirth, something to laugh on

is your sight weary, looking for a sign?

believe, it’s happening

and give it a new life

yeah, its easy to say and all that

but then, it’s about revisions

of what you knew

but lost somewhere along the way

there is truth

about energy not lying to you

if it makes you restless

it’s time to stay tuned

to those that match up to your own

the ones that lift

and own you like one of their own


a lot has happened since

the last rebuttal

to the recent scorn

the menacing grin

to words full of scorn

the last shearing of the soul

to the placebos to make it whole

the pains and aches

and everything in between

the road map to inner peace

getting more complex and dim

so who wants to live forever

when the struggle is to live today

try to make moments count

because when it comes to taking stock

the years won’t count

for such are the vagrant ways of life

just when you think you lived it

there comes a surprise

the questions start all over again

the mind flips like a monkey

wanting to go back to the start again

and then there is a dullness that prevails

you are reminded that its time you lost

and there is no all over again

so once again, you reconcile

trying to live in the moment, this time

for no one gets to live forever

and then, whoever heard of living again

its now or never

interstices in life are important too…

When vacuums are made, they leave you with an unfathomable sense of loss. Little do we realize that they need to happen to make way for new life and take you once again on the journey of living which is based almost entirely on faith and trust.

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