remember, you’re earth too….

So take care of what you decide to give roots to on your soil. Make sure the weeds don’t thwart your space and stop life from growing.



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life does go about in circles…

so get , set and go……..

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undefined is how days or at least some of them should be

stay trusting of you


such creatures of habits we are
it seems like a sacrilege
if you flounder

somewhere down the line
 haste becomes the definition of your life
“why are you sitting down?”
or “don’t get too comfortable”
-words that play with your sanity
is it that you made a mistake
or misjudged the stakes
now, when there is no one trusting you
know, that it was and is the right
the ONE decision for you
it is the norm to doubt 
when the subject is you and not the crowd
don’t heed the noisy whispers
listen only to the quiet noise of your own conviction


pace it down a bit. take a deep breath and let yourself heal..


so i take a sabbatical
and many a brows are creased
” what will be her fate?”, some say
” oh! i hope she knows what she did”
i decided to pace down
while i am still left with the strength to
not out of physical deficits
but one hinging on those in mental spaces
i afforded myself a chance to take a detour
so that what to most was my swansong
is at some point of time
seen by them as ‘ her clarion call’
where i chose to go
on a different journey
of self discovery
embracing the uncertainties
feeling all young again
time to trust my instincts
and work on myself
cause i want to remain forever
a work in progress
than be called a relic
on which moss gains
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